Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Wide World of The Smart Girl's Guide Release!!!

April 1st is finally here!!! The Smart Girl's Guide launches today! Please be sure to go on to and check it out! We are all so proud of it and we would love your feedback! Please spread the word to everyone you can. We want to be able to reach as many girls as we can.

Today, instead of doing a month in review (tomorrow!), I wanted to talk a bit about The Smart Girl's Guide April Issue!

Here are the topics:

The Tips of the Month. Every month, all Smarts Sharers, Smarts Shooters, Music Minds, and anyone else involved in the issue will give their own tip on anything that they would like!

The Smart Girl is...organized. This is written by the lovely Dorothy of Prep in Your Step and she talks about how to be efficient by first being organized. I have tried out her tips and let me tell you, she is one smart girl!

The Smart Girl is...aware. This is the much needed column for a monthly magazine for teenage girls. It can be hard to keep up on all of the news with so much going on, but this column will help with that! Each month Royar of Yong Southern Prep writes about current affairs that are important to know about. This month? She talks about Syria and the European Economic Crisis, plus she gives great tips on where to find good news resources!

The Smart Girl is...listening. I love this column. This is written by my sister, Sophie. She has laid out the perfect, diverse playlist to get you through your month. When trying to see who would be the best person to be our Music Mind, there was no other person that could do this job quite like Sophie. 

The Smart Girl is...stylish. We are writing for the teenage girl, of course we had to add a style column. No, it is not preppy. No, it is not trendy. No, it is not high end fashion. This column is for the girl who is smart in her style and smart with her budget. Written by the very stylish, Hannah from The Pink and Green Prep, this column emphasizes the importance of buying classic pieces so that you don't have to keep buying tons of clothes. Instead, you save and can use that extra money to buy statement pieces that will last a lifetime. 

The Smart Girl is...prepared. This one is written by me! I have witnessed first hand the stress of college prep and the dos and don'ts of the application process. This column is meant to give you a jump start on the college process, while helping you find a little more purpose in the things that you are passionate about!

The Smart Girl is...polished. Can I just tell you how much I love this column? Christina of Prep International writes about how every smart girl can be the best of herself. From behavior to presentation, she covers it all!

The Smart Girl is...healthy. The Smart Girl's Group is all about helping the smart girl be the real smart, the well rounded smart. Of course, health is a big aspect of being the real smart. So, for this column, the Base Brains of The Smart Girl's Group, Annie, talks about everything from exercise to living a healthy lifestyle to everything in between! She is my go to lady in this whole project and I couldn't be more grateful to have her. Did I mention she is my cousin? Yeah. We have been partners on every single project since we started a family American Girl Club when I was 6. 

The Smart Girl is...sporty. When I think of the smart girl, I think of a girl who can have a conversation about anything and learn something. The writer of this column, Hannah O, knows a thing or two about sports. As a triplet with two brothers living in a sports based family, she really knows her stuff. This month, as baseball season begins, she gets us in tune with baseball lingo. 

The Smart Girl This was the first column that needed to be in the magazine. The Smart Girl is confident in who she is, but that can be so hard in today's society. Teenage girls have more pressure put on them than ever before. This column is a reality check and a confidence booster. Written by Hannah B (yes, there are 3 Hannah's on the team), this column is meant to get the smart girl in the right mindset. Hannah has grown up in the fashion industry, so she really knows her stuff. She is also the third member of our staff (along with Annie and myself) and she has it all going on for her! And she just got into University of Pennsylvania!!! We are all so excited for her!

The Smart Girl's Guide Organization of the Month. This is a column written by Gabbi from North Shore Prep, who I am so lucky to work with! Her column is about different organizations that have programs and involvement opportunities for girls to be a part of. We want to encourage girls to get involved and be a change in the world. After seeing how Operation Smile has impacted my life, I know that this column will be helpful to girls.

The Quote is our quote of the month that will be on the back of every issue. Each month, we will choose a new inspirational quote meant to inspire all of us!

Please check out the Guide and The Smart Girl's Group all together. If you have a blog or use any sort of social media and would like to share our website, please do! If you have a blog and would like to add our button to your page, grab the button from the side of mine! It would mean the world to us! 

Have a very smart day!

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  1. Wow! I love all of the sections that you all have decided to put into the guide. I especially like the fact that you include an awareness section because I think it's really important for us teenagers to be up to date on current events around the world. This project was such a great idea, I can't wait to read it later today! Congratulations!