Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Wide World of Planner Organization

The planner is one of the greatest gifts I have ever been given, which is why my tip of the month for The Smart Girl's Guide is, "An agenda is a girl's best friend." When my planner and I are both on the same page (no pun intended), the amount of work I get done is incredible. However, it can be a lot of work to organize yourself when it comes to your planner. Here are some of my top tips!

Get a planner that works for you. Every one of us is different. We organize in different ways and our preferences are unique. Find a planner that works for you. Personally, the closest one to my liking is the Lilly Pulitzer planner. I am, though, always in search of a better one. 

Keep sticky notes near. These can be used as reminders! 

Write down your tasks using color coded pens. Look at the different categories of your life. Then, choose a color for each. For example, I have a different color for academics, health/sports, activities, college, and social life. This way, each area stands out so you can see what you have to do each day.

Keep as much information as you can in your planner. This way, if you need a phone number, a birthday, a reminder, a  business card, etc, it is all in one place. The less things you have on you, the better.

Highlight what is done, once done. I have been doing this since 5th grade and it has helped me immensely. By highlighting, you know that you have completed a task. It gives you a feeling of accomplishment and it keeps things that are not done visible. These are Jonathan Adler Highlighters!

Do you have a planner? Any tips?

Sending smiles,


  1. I could not agree more!! My planner is my life haha! I haven't been able to get myself to use different colors for each category but I've definitely been considering it!

  2. I definitely need to start using my planner more. I start off the year with such good intentions but I soon just forget about it and become lazy with filling it in. I love the idea of keeping your whole life organised in a planner though and this gave me some great ideas for next years attempt, haha! Great post :)

  3. I agree! This is such an essential. I dont know what i would do if i forget it!

  4. I would have to agree that having a planner makes a huge difference. Along with writing down homework assignment and activities/plans for the day, I also keep track of my fitness records (I write down my times for either running or rowing, it makes it easy to see my improvements).

  5. I love having a planner! Although I find that I don't use it after a while!