Monday, April 2, 2012

The Wide World of College Prep Month

Since yesterday was the launch of Issue No. 1 of The Smart Girl's Guide, I decided today I would do the March Review. College Prep month was so much fun! I have a ways to go with getting ready for college, so I'm sure there will be more posts coming. 

I wrote about different types of riding boots for every budget, as they are a staple for cold winters on campus. 

I talked about how to plan your meals, to avoid packing on the extra pounds! 

There was a post on winter coats to keep warm!

I wrote about ways I plan on organizing my dorm room.

There was a post on being efficient through scheduling so that you can do as much as you want to in college without ever spreading yourself too thin.

We talked about mentally balancing everything because I'm trying to mentally prepare for college!

I picked my dorm color scheme and some ideas for the decor. I'm sure my mom will have better ideas, but until then, those are mine!

I made my list of casual shoes that would be ideal for running to class and going from one activity to the next.

There were some other jackets and coats that I added to my college wish list!

College Prep month was so much fun! Thank you again to all of the wonderful guest bloggers!
And now onto April...


With college coming, graduation even closer, and lots of things going on, I want to use this month to get ahead on everything. There will be posts on everything from how I organize my closet to how to organize your mind to be more efficient. I'm so excited! 

Happy April! If you haven't checked out The Smart Girl's Guide, be sure to! 

Sending smiles,

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  1. Riding boots are the best - I wear mine all the time for cold days in London! x